10 Facts About The Queen’s Corgis That Will Convince You That Buckingham Palace Has A Pack Of Spartans (10 Pics)

No animal has such a fan base quite like The Queen of England’s buttery counterparts, her prized Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Known on media for their derpy faces and bun like behinds it’s not surprising that this monarch has owned more their 30 corgis and dorgis in her lifetime. A Dorgi is a cross between a Dachshund and and a Corgi resulting in a short-haired sausage that make up the remaining two dogs that The Queen has currently in her care. Vulcan and Candy are living out their dotage with The Queen having surpassed her last few corgis. It has been reported that The Queen has decided to stop breeding corgis for the remainder of her lifetime. Though through her reign these doggos have been with The Royal Family through thick and thin have have managed to stir up some trouble themselves! Who knew corgis could create tiny super packs of mayhem such as those lucky boys that race around Buckingham Palace?

Queen Elizabeth the Second became, well, Queen in 1956 at the age of 25 after the death of her father who sadly passed of lung cancer. Elizabeth II spoke on air frequently with her younger sister, Margaret, as children during the Second World War. She later went on to drive ambulances and visited the sick and wounded in hospital. The Royal Family refused to be evacuated to Canada during the war and to instead lift the spirits of England by staying at Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning monarch of England in recored history and through the years has bred her blonde pack of corgis. Susan, her first corgi whom she received on her 18th birthday was the great-grandmother to many of her corgis, some of which were more friendly than others!

Being herding dogs by nature, corgis have a tendency to nip and at times band together and cause trouble in groups. In 1956, The Queen’s corgi, Ranger, lead a pack of corgis and killed a favorited Dorgi, Chipper. Her masses of short-legged dogs also had a tendency to bite mailmen or butlers who dare enter while the Queen was playing with her pooches. Such cases became to frequent that the Royal Family hired an animal phycologist. At times when other breeds of larger dogs shared room with the Royal Corgis fights broke out, some sadly resulting in injury.

With such large numbers of corgis, meet and greets rarely ended well between other dogs. Most of the time it was the corgis that were the aggressors.

Having owned ten generations of her first Corgi, Susan the queen’s pooches have their own footmen and plenty of playtime on grounds of Buckingham. The Queen is known for taking a corgi or two (or three) with her on parades and in her private planes (google ‘footmen unloading corgis’, it’s worth seeing!) she even brought a furry friend along to her honeymoon with Prince Phillip.

So, with so many dogs even in such a large and lavash home like Buckingham is it worth having so many corgis when injuries have marred corgi-kingdom? With packs resulting in attacking non-corgis who should own multiple corgis at a time? Is bites and nips just a part of the royal life? What do you think? Tell us in the comments!

The Queen Has Owned Multiple Generations of Her First Corgi Susan

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A Corgi “Photobombed” The Queen’s Picture With The British Rugby Team

A Corgi Once Bit the Young Queen While She Tried Breaking Up a Fight Between Her Pets Resulting In Stitches

The Queen Elizabeth the 1st Established a Strict Vet-Aproved Diet With All the Royal Corgis

The Queen’s Corgis Would Nip Butlers in Attempts to “Protect” Her Majesty

Sometimes The Queen’s Corgis Would Single Out The Royal Family’s Dorgis

The Queen Travels With Her Corgis on Her Private Plane

In 2015 The Queen Stopped Breeding Corgis She Now Only Has Two Dorgis

In January of 2019 THE QUEEN’S CORGI an Animated Movie Was Released

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10 Facts About The Queen’s Corgis That Will Convince You That Buckingham Palace Has A Pack Of Spartans (10 Pics)

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