15 Photos Altered By Photoshop Magic

Photoshop and photo editing have a bit of a negative reputation. When most people discuss Photoshop, it’s usually to point out some of the ridiculous edits that have been made for magazine covers. However, when used correctly, Photoshop is a helpful tool that can transform photos from the ordinary to something enchanting. These Photoshop wizards have used their skills and creativity to make scenes that look like something out of your imagination

Top 15 photoshop transformation

1. Great heights

I’m sure using Photoshop to create this photo is a much better idea than actually attempting a stunt like this.

photoshop stunt
via Sergey Frolov / Behance

2. By the window

I thought the first photo was great on its own, but with some Photoshop magic, it was transformed into a whimsical scene.

via Irina Khutornoi / VK

3. “Faerie Ball”

The creative use of lighting effects transformed this photo into a fantasy.

lightning effects
via Flickr / ImpossibleColor

4. Before

This scene looks a little odd in the before shot, but keep reading to see how this photo was completely transformed to create a cool trick shot.

photo editing
via VK


Now I can see why that stool was there in the before shot. This is such a cool effect!

photo editing
via Egor Gekht / VK

5. Stardust

The best thing about Photoshop is that even if you don’t have access to a professional studio, you can still edit photos like a pro.

photo editing
viareddit / Ds4

6. Pages

This photo reminds me of the scene in the first Harry Potter movie when Harry gets his Hogwarts letter. Both are simply magical!

photoshop transformation
via Flickr / SunnyMarry

7. Stepping through the door

I absolutely love this photo! The strategic use of lighting effects makes it look like the model literally stepped out of another world.

photoshop wizard
via Robert Cornelius Photography

8. “In The Woods”

This would be a really cool shot to try for a bridal photoshoot.

wedding photoshoot
via Larina Boyar / VK Deviant Art / vampiredarlla

9. Winter wonderland

This looks like something out of the movie Frozen! So cute and cool.

cute girl at winter
via Irina Nedyalkova / VK

10. Medieval times

Leave it to Photoshop to transport you back in time.

Medieval times
via Dmitry Vstavskih / VK

11. Before

Here’s another before photo that uses a stool as a prop. Keep reading to see the amazing final product!

photoshop transformation
via Bogdan Makarov / VK

Just hanging out with the birds

This floating effect photo must have taken inspiration from flying animals like crows.

photoshop transformation
via Bogdan Makarov / 500px

12. A storm on the horizon

There’s so much drama and intensity in this photo. You really do feel like a storm is quickly approaching.

photoshop transformation
via Flickr / SunnyMarry
13. Red Riding Hood

I bet the model was glad the wolf was Photoshopped in, and not actually on set with her.

Red Riding Hood
via Oleg Stetsenko / VK

14. The dark forest

Using shadow effects ups the drama of this photo. It almost looks like a painting!

Nastasya Parshina
via Nastasya Parshina / VK

15. Bubbles

A little bit of color correcting went a long way in this photo. The before image was a little washed out, but now it has the glow of a late summer evening.

via Flickr / Joseph K Photography


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15 Photos Altered By Photoshop Magic

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