19 Things You Won’t Believe You Didn’t Know

Here are a bunch of things that you probably never knew, but after reading this you will. And then maybe you’ll come back to life next season or something. Cool!

1. Fire has no shadow

But it makes shadows…

via YouTube / Gopinath Selvaraj
2. Chewing gum while cutting onions

Prevents you from bawling your eyes out while you make pasta

cutting onions
via A Real-Life Housewife
3. It’s not Fun-guy

It’s Fun-jy. Which is way less fun.

via Instagram / @christmasyd4ler
4. The Tostitos logo is two people sharing chips and salsa

Weird. I hate sharing my Tostitos.

via Instagram / @siwaporn999
5. What about this nugget of truth?

Oh my god, I’ve literally been telling everyone that I would rather eat chocolate ice cream than listen to them talk about stupid chocolate ice cream all day?! How crude.

chocolate ice cream
via Instagram / @merm8dkt
6. Baby rabbits are actually kittens

Mom, the cat just killed and ate a whole bunch of kittens! That’s not confusing at all.

baby rabbits kittens
via Oxford Dictionaries
7. Skittles changed the lime flavor to green apple a few years ago

Any true Skittles fan probably noticed this because green apple tastes like butt hole.

via Instagram / @rachel_are_emery
8. You don’t have to unlock your iPhone to respond to texts

What the hell is the point of the lock function, then? Still, this just made my life so much easier.

iphone faq
via iPhone FAQ
9. There is a right way and a wrong way to use a bobby pin

And you’ve probably been doing it wrong.

bobby pin
via Instagram / @hermomy
10. If you had never cut the cup, how could you have known?

It would have been like if Neo never took the red pill.

noodle cup
via Instagram / @rileybris
11. You can’t smell while you’re sleeping

So it wasn’t the smell of the fart that woke you up. It was probably the sound.

via David Cruickshanks / Mirror
12. Have you ever noticed the cyclist in the R of this logo?

Insert Lance Armstrong testicle and/or steroid joke here.

le tour france
via Wikipedia
13. Toad is the most profane Super Mario character

What a jerk.

super mario
via Can’t Be Unseen
14. Whoa

Engineers really think things through. It makes me feel good about bridges.

hole in a can
via Instagram / @ashleyelliottyall
15. You are not alone

This is absolutely devastating. I thought that a 5 was hotter than a 1, but it’s really just 4 more minutes of my life down the drain.

numbers on toaster
via Instagram / @fallenangel_505
16. The proper way to peel a Mandarin orange

All this time I thought the proper way was to puncture it with your fingernail, get sticky crap all over your wrists, get irrationally angry, throw it against a wall, and then cry.

mandarin orange
via Instagram / @funny_guy91
17. This is a thing you can do

Now you can get access to all the ketchup. And once you’re done, it’s easier to lick the little saucer than to stick your tongue into the cup and drool all over the edges like a savage animal.

via Instagram / @boomboomborrego
18. Strawberry?!

What is wrong with you, Haribo? Was a pink color too much to ask?

gumy bear
via Instagram / @ _quesadiaz_
19. What?

So then what is a strawberry? Maybe it’s actually a green gummy bear…

strawberries and bananas
via Instagram / @bolthousefarms

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19 Things You Won’t Believe You Didn’t Know

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