I Draw My Instagram Followers’ Pets And Share Their Stories With The World

I love animals. They can teach us so much about life. And I believe that just like humans, every animal has a story to tell. In this Dollgift_petstory series, I pick random pets (holding their favorite toy, food, or rainbow) from my Instagram followers list to draw and share their stories with the world.

Every piece of my art shares a story of love, hope and the simple joys of life. Some of them had a sad past, some were inspiring and moving while others were just adorable!

Follow me on Instagram and hashtag your photo #dollgift_petstory to get noticed. If your pet is chosen, you may purchase the portrait as a print or on merchandise. I am open to licensing and commission work.I thought you might enjoy these little stories.

More info: Instagram | mydollgift.com

#1 Shamii Girl

Hello, my name is Shamii Girl – momma’s sweet chubby chubs (but I really don’t think I’m chubby?). Last month I crossed over the rainbow bridge while momma was away for work in another country. She was heartbroken and couldn’t stop blaming herself because of this. I had to leave without saying goodbye as I was needed back in heaven urgently. I’m so sorry momma…. Please forgive me, and forgive yourself. It breaks my heart to see you sad. I am free now, which means I get to travel anywhere I want including visiting you in another country – no passport needed! Heh. If you miss me, just call my name and I’ll be there by your side, licking away all your tears and doing my little wiggly butt dance for you.

#2 Odie

Hello, my name is Odie. Don’t look for my eyes because I have none. Something so bad must have happened that made me go blind years ago. Momma said I was shut down when she first met me. I don’t know what that means but I would become scared and aggressive when touched or jolted awake in terror when I slept. She said I came a long long way to my happy and trusting self-today. I don’t remember my past and I don’t think it matters anymore. I am safe and very loved with sister Gracie now. If ‘Love is blind’, I must have given it a whole new meaning? Thank you for saving us, momma. Now we get to share our stories with the world and hopefully, more good people like our momma will rescue our friends too!

#3 Lucky

Hello, my name is Lucky. I was abandoned but became the luckiest dog when I found my furever home in 2011! I had the most amazing life any dog can ever ask for. My momma loved me to the moon and back – I don’t really know what that meant but I felt it with all my heart. I earned my wings and returned to heaven two years ago but I’d never forget the wonderful memories we shared. Momma used to say I changed her life in so many ways, well, she changed mine too when she gave me a second chance at life. I know she misses me badly and still talks to me every day. I just want her to know I heard her, I’m never far away. Her birthday is coming so I’d like to wish her a very blessed birthday. I love you, momma. Thank you for your unconditional love, we’ll meet again someday, Lucky promise.

#4 Chewie The Little Chihuahua

Hello, my name is Chewie the little Chihuahua. My momma named me after Chewbacca because she said I made noises like Wookie… Does she mean a cookie? I love cookies! And pizza! Momma says I can be a little bossy sometimes – I bite her toes when I don’t get my own way. But I also help undo her shoelaces when she gets home from work, I can be sweet like that. I’m still a baby so I don’t have many hobbies yet besides eating, walkies in the park and sleeping. I think I’ll be a big boy when I turn one next month! Will you celebrate my birthday with me?

#5 Roxy

Hello, my name is Roxy and I’m a Pit Bull. I look like I’m wearing black leggings from side angle, isn’t that cute? Can someone explain to me why are people so afraid of us and have banned us from many places? I know some of my brothers and sisters may look ‘fierce’ but we are extremely loyal, loving and sweet too. My momma adopted me when I was a little nugget and she still calls me that years later, so I believe I’m very very special! Sometimes I would bring my toy to momma when she is working on her computer to remind her to take a break. I would also jump onto the table to give her kisses when she comes home from outside. I wish everyone would give my brothers and sisters a chance to be their little nuggets too.

#6 Peter Parker

Hello, my name is Peter Parker, everyone calls me Pete. One week ago I earned my wings and returned to heaven – I was finally free from the pain, I feel so happy! My only concern had been my momma. I know she must be so heartbroken. I was too, having to leave her. My brave momma had fought so many battles with me, for me… till the very end. But it was my time to go. I lived 17 wonderful years on earth, that was very long for a dog! I was incredibly blessed. I wish my momma would know that I’m never far away. Sometimes I send her signs in the form of my scent, barking or I put her favorite song on the radio… and so many other subtle signs! I love you, momma. I’m doing very well so please don’t worry about me and take a good care of yourself. And please tell Daisy I love her too (Daisy is my beautiful wife by the way). We will meet again someday.

#7 Molly

Hello, my name is Molly (or Moo). I’m a long-haired dachshund who enjoys cuddles and ringing my potty bell incessantly for attention. If that doesn’t work, I put my toys right where momma is doing housework eg. toilet bowl. I also let her know it’s meal time by placing a toy in my food bowl. I’m such a good girl. I have a sister, Banana Pancakes who is just as cute as I am. She has different ways of getting attention though – peeing on the floor and stealing daddy’s toothbrush out of his travel case. I love my family. @mollyandherbanana

#8 Abbie

Hello, my name is Abbie. I’m 14 years young and almost blind. I fulfilled my mission on earth and returned to heaven few days ago. I’m so happy to reunite with my foster brother Roku! I also met Nono, Phoebe, Peanut, Siouxsia, Maddy and many more… Some are old friends, some new! We play, we eat, we nap and then we play more. Basically just like how we used to on earth! Sometimes we would sit together on the cotton candy clouds and reminisce over our lives; thinking how blessed and full our lives were. I want to thank my parents for rescuing me and loving on me all these years. I love you so much. We know some of our families and friends are grieving over us and missing us, please know that we are always close by and we will meet again some day. Our little lives may be short on earth but our love is eternal.

#9 Odie

Hello, my name is Odie. I’m a six-year-old albino Chiweenie. Everyone calls me a sweet boy. Some said I reminded them of Falkor the Luckdragon from The “Neverending Story” – Is he cute like me? I’ve recently lost the only home I ever knew… My momma had to move to an assisted living facility because she is very very old. They only allow her to keep one dog and so my 15-year-old poodle brother went with her. She was heartbroken to have to leave me but the nice people at @dachshundsandfriendsrescue promised her that they will find me a loving home. I’m a very good boy (that’s what I was always told). Maybe I’ll bring you good luck just like the Lucky Dragon! I also get along well with other dogs (and cats too!) So will you love me and give me a home? Edit: Odie has been adopted! Wishing him the best in his furever home.

#10 Smudge

Hello, my name is Smudge. I am nearly deaf but momma says I can still hear the sound of a cheese wrapper. Sometimes momma calls me an old lady. Silly mom, I look nowhere near old. I think I can still pass off as a baby and can almost always get away with anything with this face. Now, have you got cheese in your bag?

#11 Sadie

Hello, my name is Sadie. I was kept in a garage and neglected for years. I was old and in very bad shape when a kind gentle soul saved me out of there one day. She gave me a beautiful home and showed me so much love for the next couple of years. Thank you, momma! Even though I am in doggie heaven now, I visit you and sister Sassy often. Sometimes I snuggle up beside while you nap. Please, don’t worry about me, I am very happy here with many friends and grandpa to play with. See, I even grew a pair of wings! I love you very much, momma. I know we will meet again some day. When you miss me, know that I am just close by.

#12 Artie

Hello, my name is Artie. I’m a handsome short-legged boy (hey, you don’t have to be tall to look good!). My hobbies include swimming in the beautiful clear water near where we live, bed wars and guarding the house with little sister, Tasha. We take pride in protecting our pawrents from any harm, so when the squirrels or ‘dinosaurs’ come near, we’d bark our heads off! I love Tasha and her wonky ears (mom said that about her ears, not me). She always helps clean my non-wonky ears even though I don’t always share my toys with her. Oh, I gotta go! Tasha spotted a suspect lurking nearby, we need to go save the world now! Talk to you guys again!

#13 R3!

Hello, we are the R3! We just want to give a shout-out to our mom and dad. It’s been over 2 months since they left us for Seoul. Is that far from America? If we want to go see them, do you think we can be there in 2 hours on paws? We miss them very much even though we skype often (yes, we skype). Grandpa and grandma are taking great care of us, please don’t worry about us. We promise to be good and listen to them. So will you promise to bring back lots of toys for us when you come home?

#14 Maddy

Hello, my name is Maddy. Sometimes people mistake me for a little cow because of my spots. At a certain angle, I may even look like I‘m wearing a cardigan. I am special like that. I was an ex-breeding dog; forced to have litter after litter only to have my babies taken away from me to be sold for hooman profit. But I still love and trust people because I believe there are good hoomans, just like my momma who rescued me and showed me love. Momma said I’m the sweetest and kindest dog. She’s the best too! I love my family so much. Grandma hasn’t been feeling well lately… Will you guys pray for her to get well soon, please? Thank you. Edit: Maddy crossed over the rainbow bridge unexpectedly shortly after I did this portrait of her.

#15 Daphne

Hello, my name is Daphne. I was rescued from a high kill shelter in South Korea. I was very lucky. Momma said when she saw my sweet face on a rescue page, she couldn’t get me out of her mind and so she arranged for me to be transported to Ohio to be with her family. I had three sisters. Sadly, sister Siouxsie (2nd sister) joined Lola (1st sister) at the rainbow bridge last month. Momma was heartbroken. She said they taught her to love and inspired her to rescue other dogs like me. Today I get to follow sister Bijou around the house getting all the love and treats we deserve. Everyone agrees we look really cute together! Did I mention she looks like baby Chewbacca? I wish the other friends at the shelters will be as lucky as us.

#16 Donald

Hello, my name is Donald aka Donnie (although momma loves to call me her Marshmallow Alien Piggy). She said I’m the neediest dog on earth – I follow her around the house and cry whenever she’s busy. But that’s only because I love her and want to be around her all the time. I have a terrible skin condition which requires expensive diet/medication and extensive care. I don’t even know what that means… I only know momma takes good care of me so my skin is so much better now. My momma’s my angel; she not only saved me and gave me a home, she rescued many other animals so I have many brothers and sisters to play with too! I love Norman the most. He always lets me sit on him…sometimes I fart on him and he’s okay with it too.

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I Draw My Instagram Followers’ Pets And Share Their Stories With The World

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